We asked a child about… Renewable energy generation and storage in buildings

Perhaps you would be surprised if we asked a child what he understood by Renewable energy generation and storage in buildings

That’s what happened to us!

We want Neon Project EU to be a project by and for everyone and we know that children are very exigent when it comes to understanding concepts. That’s why we have done again a test.

A child of about nine years old has been asked to explain in his own words and drawings what he understands by “generation and storage of renewable energy in buildings”, and this is the result.

Renewable energy …so it’s good energy, the energy that we get from solar panels, windmills, and the ground, for example, and it’s stored in special boxes, like special batteries, so that when we need it, we can use it in buildings, right?”.

Find out more about NEON project at: NEON | Next-Generation Integrated Energy Services fOr Citizen Energy CommuNities (neonproject.eu)

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