NEON last General Assembly in Paris

On the 28th May NEON consortium members gathered in Paris to hold the last general assembly. Engie members, as project coordinators, organized the meeting at BOPE Petits Hotels premises near Gare the Nord a very convenient place.

The consortium faced many challenges, including a global pandemic and several unfortunate events that compromised the implementation of the action. We reflected on how  we overcame all of these challenges and difficulties as a whole. All partners and specially the pilot teams provided useful insights, support and contributions in the good times and in the bad times, so that together we could reach and fulfill the objectives of the NEON project effectively and efficiently.

One of the most important realizations during the project was the fact that it was necessary  to find out the factors affecting energy consumption behavior in end users theory end user regarding energy consumption can change,  as at the end of the day the end user is the decision unit.

All consortium participants shared very good moments, and this last project’s General Assembly was the reflection of all the great working relationships that NEON partners forged throughout these years.