Next-Generation Integrated Energy Services fOr Citizen Energy CommuNities NEON

Citizen Energy Communities?


As we know, the Citizen Energy Communities (CECs) are defined by EU Directive 2019_944 as a nonprofit legal figure for energy generation, distribution, supply, consumption, aggregation, and storage… controlled by members or Stakeholders.

But what makes the NEON Project different?

Move forward with the Next Generation Integrated Energy Services!

The NEON project will exploit building energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and storage, and demand flexibility to increase energy savings, reduce CO2 emissions, and provide cost savings across sectors.

The Citizen Energy Communities (CECs) enable faster uptake of the proposed services and facilitate European communities (both residential and non-residential) to become energy efficient.

Services that become reality

NEON will draw up cross-sector agreements and underlying service concepts through a co-creation process with network stakeholders, service providers, and end users.

The objectives

NEON is a 2,5-year coordination and support action project (CSA) funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme, under Grant Agreement number 101033700, aiming at six main objectives:

Objective #1

NEON will advance the energy efficiency services already available on the market and couple them with other energy services, providing an integrated approach to incorporate and optimize energy assets (RES, storage and EVs) and consumption management.

Objective #2

NEON will enable innovative business models by joining EPC and P4P contracting schemes across sectors and will demonstrate their effectiveness, applicability, and adaptability to different business, regulatory and contractual frameworks.

Objective #3

NEON will provide a consumer-centered solution leveraging big data and ICT tools for bundling energy and non-energy benefits by ensuring that the comfort, health, and safety requirements of the building users are always maintained.

Objective #4

NEON will exploit the energy efficiency and flexibility at the demand-side through a hybrid DR model, considering the energy demand at the building and community level to bring economic benefits and enhance the grid security and reliability.

Objective #5

NEON will maximize the positive impact of multi-measure energy efficiency interventions at the demand side by improving building operation performance because of the advanced control capabilities and optimal operation of building systems.

Objective #6

NEON will incorporate an advanced performance measurement and verification methodology leveraging the data-driven analytical services, and automated settlement mechanisms for fair distribution of benefits on top of the DLT platform.

The Challenges

How will achieve it? The NEON Approach

Concept #1

Enabling the energy efficiency and flexibility resources at the demand side (largely untapped).

Concept #2

Ensure, in an integrative manner, cutting-edge control capabilities across building systems and energy assets.

Concept #3

Enable the cross-sectoral business.

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