GENERA is a huge gathering on renewable energies in Spain. This year it took place at IFEMA in MADRID from the 6th to the 8th February. And Neon Project EU was present there. It was thanks to APPA Renovables and GFM FOTOVOLTAICA that presented the project during the meeting. The International Energy and Environment Forum, GENERA, is held annually in Madrid (Spain) and receives more than 35.000 attendees and professionals from the energy sector. This three-day international event was a unique opportunity to disseminate NEON’s results and achievements with the support of APPA Renovables and GFM Fotovoltaica. From the 6th to the 8th February, the partner APPA Renovables had a stand and a discussion space, where it promoted NEON’s activities together with GFM.

The presentation consisted of a tour of the Neon Project EU, what it consists of, what is sought in terms of the development of business models based on energy communities, taking into account all its transversality and agents involved (consumers, producers, prosumers, DSO, ESE, etc.). All pilots were briefly explained and the Spanish pilot which is located in Las Cabezas in the Castilla-La Mancha region was emphasized. The representatives from NEON explained how the engagement activities were carried out, what are the possible financing models for the pilots, and how regulatory issues affect the implementation of the citizen energy communities. 

Regarding to it, GFM explained every step conducted for the constitution of an Energy Community. Engagement strategy was described, tips to overcome users’ reluctance to participate in energy communities, which kind of finance models could be implanted, etc. In addition to it, GFM commented about the virtual energy balance model developed for the energy community and how the intelligent platform for controlling and monitoring allow to stakeholders to being a main actor inside of CEC. Finally, the lack of knowledge of administration staff was identified as one big problem for a rapid deployment of energy communities. 

They also explained how at GFM Fotovoltaica, as the responsible partner for the Spanish pilot, they have established specific strategies to do so, and how we have signed the constitution of two energy communities (legal and legally constituted), with the creation of the SUNINCOMMUNITY energy community cooperative and the recognition as such of the Fundación GFM Renovables.

Now we are looking forward for other prospective communities to take the chance and engage in the formation of such citizen energy communities, with the help of our acquired knowledge. Knowledge and information mostly available on the results page.