Smart Grid Data Integration and Interoperability

NEON Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform will deploy as a service-oriented, cloud-based SGAM (Smart Grid Architecture Model) compliant platform.

Data exchange with external Hardware/Software (HW/SW) systems will base on an adaptable gateway built upon OGEMA (Open Gateway Energy Management) framework, which will provide vendor-agnostic interoperability and seamless integration (through Java and OSGi technologies).

NEON will integrate with sensors (e.g., smart home and power meters) to obtain energy and indoor parameters and automation equipment (e.g., inverters, PLCs, etc.) for control actions executions.

Monitored data will serve as an input:

  • the analytical services,
  • for adjustment of the strategy,
  • but also for verification of building performance.

 Communication across the platform will leverage Canonical Data Model (CDM) to extend EEBus SPINE to provide a unified (XML-based) messaging format.

The service-oriented approach will support the open source communication middleware, such as TICK Stack, responsible for system components orchestration and communication between them (based on Canonical Data Model, CDM).

It will design to handle massive amounts of time-stamped data with a purpose-built time series database (InlfuxDB). Centralized security services for authentication & authorization will embed over Keycloak, an open source identity, and access management solution.

Open API concepts will deploy upon the TICK Stack backbone to provide an interface towards the smart grid and third-party services leveraging OpenADR and USEF specifications (e.g., for communication with grid stakeholders, energy market, etc.).