Holistic Optimization Approach to Energy Asset Scheduling

NEON’s holistic energy dispatch optimization approach will apply on top of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) generation and storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and monitoring equipment to enable the optimal scheduling and exploitation of local energy assets.

It relies on mathematical algorithms for integrated optimization of the energy supply and demand of the target infrastructure. Are also consider: 

  • the account available energy assets,
  • multiple carriers on the supply side (both conventional and renewable),
  • pricing tariffs (fixed or variable),
  • load type (critical, reschedulable, and curtailable load),
  • comfort levels, and expected production or consumption.

NEON will leverage the integrative energy dispatch optimizer (developed by the IMP partner) and incorporate it into the ISO 50001’s PDCA (Plan, Do Check, and Act) workflow.

This model ensures (close to) real-time optimization to enable continuous performance improvement under the umbrella Demand Side Management (DSM) community strategy.